Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Operation Gladio 2

This will be a sort of catch up from earlier Gladio article here
(at left Gaetano Saya former Italian Gladio)

Been doing some more research and thought I should put out some more info: 

Found a good document on Germany's involvement in Gladio

The Anomolies Network has a pretty good backgrounder here

Also found this other group called Wikispooks but seemed kind of interesting. 

There seems to be allot of controversy of FM 30-31B… real or KGB fiction/forgery? Read it doesn’t really look like anything of real concern or interest, hardly a field manual more like a directive with no real meat or potatoes. 

Ive dealt with allot of FM's in my time and I dont see what the big deal is about this one. Personally I think its a fake if not then its a piss poor excuse for an FM and there certainly isnt anything mind blowing or revealing about it. I think its just another blind alley or distraction. 

There is a document called NSC-4A which for some reason or other the "aliens have taken over the government" crowd are all into however the CIA gives the info freely and I only stumbled across it trying to find out the justification for GLADIO operations, lol. So seems like it might be a conspiracy theory catch all document. 

One observation when looking into GLADIO occurred in seeing an almost exact parallel between Western occupying forces ( ie US, UK) in Germany and the NATO countries and the Soviet Union forces in the east block countries. In relation to Gladio or Stay Behind Armies being used clandestinely to prevent a shift to the left or communist groups from becoming elected to ruling power the same as the Soviet groups in Poland, Czechoslovakia and other east block countries. The Soviet armies were there ostensibly as “guests” ( as well as KGB being given free rein while pretending to recognize sovereignty of host nations) although there more as an occupying force least the host countries get ideas about western capitalist ideas and likewise in a similar or opposing vein in the west with MI6 and CIA.

As for Gladio being a NATO secret army I would say the evidence for this is inconclusive and a blanket statement by some.
In the case of Belgium there is evidence that many of the “action” end of Gladio there were recruited from active duty regular army personnel. However the Belgians also had a civilian arm of their GLADIO unit ( called STC or Mob) that was mostly used for radio communications and observation.  Not all NATO aligned or GLADIO countries used active duty soldiers. 

In most cases soldiers used by GLADIO were retired or veterans,policeman as well as individuals recruited by an inner core of stay behind operators in contact with secret services. In many cases cell leaders recruited right wing extremists with no military connections whatsoever. This is in keeping with standard clandestine operations were only a select few have direct contact with Control and most cells did not even know each other for obvious reasons of secrecy and protection.

NATO involvement was not a policy necessarily as maybe a few generals and senior staff may have had knowledge of stay behind units within the framework of the blurry line between military intelligence units of different countries and the CIA or MI6. Personnel files were kept by MI6 and the CIA not NATO. That should be enough to show were the real control lays when concerning these “stay behind units”.

The book titled “NATO’s Secret Armies” by Daniele Ganser is a good book overall with plenty of research and good leads in this topic however is subject to the author’s pre-conclusions and his lack of knowledge and experience with military operations and working with NATO as a whole.  Having said that though I recommend his book to anyone with an interest in GLADIO and it would make a good starting point into researching this subject. 

Found a good video with musical interlude that covers Gladio. Id let it load though first so as not to get annoying when it keeps cutting out. 

A quick but by no means complete list of Gladio units by name and country - the units in italics had direct military or government control as exposed by different investigations or former members coming forward. There may be links to say such and such a group knew so and so in government but not a concrete policy or know government wide.

Swiss- P26/P27
Italy- Gladio
Belgium- SDRA8
Germany-Bund Deutscher Jugend - Technischer Dienst, or TD BJD (started with former Werewolf members)
Greece-Lochos Oreinon Katadromon, or LOK
Austria- OWSGV
France- Plan Bleu, La Rose des Vents, and Arc-en-ciel
Netherlands- O&I
Sweden- IB

I have not included Spain and Portugal as they had their own anti communist groups. From what I can tell they were formed independently and pretty well on their own without direction from CIA or MI6 control/influence.

Not to say that there wasn't coordination , especially with French and Italian Gladio training but I feel its a separate issue and not technically a GLADIO one but a side note.  Any errors or omissions are my own so if anyone has any corrections or other evidence feel free to add it to comments and if compelling enough I will correct.
The only real solution at truth may come from a truth and reconciliation committee in individual countries like that of the South Africans post apartheid. Individual countries have had some investigations but with limited effect.

It makes one question any actual terrorist incident in Europe or the Americas if they were carried out by  Gladiators or real terrorists............. 

UDPATE SEPT 2012************

Been doing some more research lately and found something new to me anyway. 
An interrelated group (or grupp in this case) is called PALADIN GROUP. Which in itself is an interesting choice of names ( and sounds less scary that WEREWOLF), a Paladin originally was one of the 12 elite knights of Charlemagne (as put into legend with The Song of Roland) and I think does have some importance and the name was not given lightly. But I digress....

PALADIN GROUP- started by Otto Skorzeny ( a very storied real deal action hero and Knight of Malta) who is like a special operatives operative. Nazi Germany's equivalent of Superman meets Errol Flynn.  He was the prime commando leader at the time. After the war he was the head and one of the creators of the PALADIN GROUP( some sources say it started in 1970-officially other sources say earlier), it was made up of former SS SonderKommando, French OAS and Portugal's PIDE
Dont take my word for it see it for yourself right from Otto's mouth. The video is mixed German and English. Apologies to any non deutch speaking viewers but you'll get the gist.

It was run out of Skorzeny's office in Albufera, Spain, through a company called MC Inc. The public purpose of Paladin Group was "an international directorship of strategic assault personnel [that would] straddle the watershed between paramilitary operations carried out by troops in uniform and the political warfare which is conducted by civilian agents". Well suck on that Executive Outcomes, lmao(of note EO used the knight chess-piece also known as a Paladin!) . The 1970's were the previous height of mercenary activity in warfare until its resurgence in the late 90's and huge upswing in 2003 Iraq and Afghanistan theaters.
(at right Otto Skorzeny)
(at left centre the "good" Doctor von Schubert)
Of no laughing matter however is the groups implications that it was directly involved in GLADIO activity (makes sense Skorzeny helped start WEREWOLF stay behind groups)!
Otto Skorzeny died in 1975 the same year as Franco and Spain stopped supporting fascists (at least publicly) so operations were taken over by a Dr. Gerhard Hartmut von Schubert and moved to Pinochets (fascist) Chile. Which in itself was like a home away from home for ex Nazis and included it's own indigenous Fascist system complete with StrossTruppen and a good ole "Heil Chile", no shit.